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Music video: Jihnsius – Dissimilate

‘Dissimilate’ created by Jihnsius, part of the official warsow v 1.0 Soundtrack get warsow for free at:

Music by Jihnsius
Visuals by cho-media || FrooP

Warsow 1.0 Trailer

Warsow is set in a futuristic cartoonish world where rocketlauncher-wielding pigs and lasergun-carrying cyberpunks roam the streets. Speed and movement is what Warsow is all about. Like a true cyberathlete you jump, dash, dodge, and walljump your way through the game. Grab power-ups before your enemy does, plant a bomb before anyone sees you, and steal the enemy’s flag before they know what is going on!

Warsow is a completely free fast-paced first-person shooter (FPS) available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Trailer by decap and KILLME courtesy of Torn Productions and cho-media respectively.
Soundtrack by Ulrich Gollick

New Old Stuff: Warsow.arise, the first full length Fragmovie by FrooP

warsow arise

After an incredible working time of more than 1.5 years german player Froop finally released his latest movie with the engraved name warsow arise. This movie features the german speaking community which includes german, austrian and swiss frags. Be ready for a over 20 minute length video full with some of the sweetest frags of Warsow with awesome editing and a sweet soundtrack!

More New Old Stuff: warsow DNA:AD, a Warsow Freestyle Movie

This Freestyle movie was created by FrooP before he teamed up with KILLME. Mostly created out of boredom and to test some effects and colorisation

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