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Contagion Kickstarter Gameplay Trailer

After finishing up the teaser trailer for Monochrome Games LLC new game Contagion, i immediately got to work for the full length Gameplay trailer needed for their Kickstarter Page.
The video was created over a course of two weeks, and features custom animations and a professional voiceover.

Contagion Kickstarter Page
Monochrome LLC Facebook
Contagion Site
Company Site

Contagion Beta Teaser Trailer

With Contagion releasing later this fall, we felt it best to share this Teaser which is a bit more recent than our old engine build 2012 Alpha Trailer. So much has happened this year and we’re eager to share even more which is why we’d like you to check back on us September, Friday the 13th where we’ll be releasing an even more recent Official Full Game-play trailer that will show players exactly what they’re in for with our numerous features, game-modes, maps, characters, and much much more…

Monochrome Games LLC Forums
Monochrome Games LLC Facebook
Contagion Steam Hub Page

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The personal portfolio of Bastian Michel, currently working on his Bachelor degree in Digital Film & VFX at the SAE Institue Frankfurt