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Particle animation test, drum and bass dance routine

After effects time again, this time i tried to convert video footage into a particle animation, which i managed to do with the help of twixtor motion vectors and trapcode particular, was great fun to make!
song link: Ed Solo & Stickybuds – Joker Smoker

Music video: Juicebox – Salvo

A music video for electronic music producer Juicebox

Juicebox Soundcloud
Electronic Music
Live DJ Schedule
Emp radio on Facebook
Emp Radio on twitter

Peer Du – TAPECAST #7 – One hour of fine Deep&Garage House

Peer Du aus dem Erdgeschoss, an internet friend of mine, asked me to create a full length 1 hour+ music video to go with his mixtape for the dTape Podcast 07, which delivers the oldschool vibe of the early 80’s House mousic scene around the globe.
A collection of classic dance videos where edited together in combination with free stock footage to make this video.

Peer Du on Soundcloud

This Set on Soundcloud

This Set on mixcloud

Peer’s Facebook Page

Music video: Jihnsius – Dissimilate

‘Dissimilate’ created by Jihnsius, part of the official warsow v 1.0 Soundtrack get warsow for free at:

Music by Jihnsius
Visuals by cho-media || FrooP

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