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Contagion – 2012 End of Year Recap

For Monochrome Games LLC
A recap of this years development of Contagion as 2012 nears the end. Also a reminder of Contagion in this year’s top 100 Upcoming Indie Games of the Year! This is also our first attempt at using Valve’s Source Filmmaker!

GDC 2012 Contagion Alpha gameplay Trailer

Our second trailer for the GDC 2012 Contagion booth,
we were provided with an alpha build to play and record all scenes, which have been rendered as a .jpg sequence with ingame sound as .wav.
Everything has then been synced in Premiere Pro. All visual effects have been created in After Effects, which thanks to dynamic link, seamlessly embedded into the Premiere timeline
which saved huge amounts of time.
The score was created solely for this trailer from the Contagion Sound department.
Also check out their channel and website for more infos about Contagion:

Monochrome LLC

GDC 2012 – Contagion Model Showcase Trailer Monochrome LLC approached us, because they needed a trailer for their Indie game Contagion to show at the
Game Developer Conference 2012 in San Francisco.
All footage and music was provided, so the job came down to compositing in After Effects.
The timeframe was pretty tight for this one,
but the feedback so far indicates that we delivered a satisfying video.
We will post another Contagion video from the GDC 2012 tomorrow.
Also check out their channel and website for more infos about Contagion:

Monochrome LLC

NEOTOKYO° Level Design

This video is now on the mods frontpage!

Showcasing the Level design from the Half life 2 mod NEOTOKYO°
imported the maps/models/materials in garrys mod and added some stuff to the scene, then used the Catmull Camera plugin to create a couple of nice interpolated camera paths
download super high quality here

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