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Min Fars Volvo

My dads car, a video i wanted to do for a long time, all handheld shooting, great practice!

Peer Du – TAPECAST #7 – One hour of fine Deep&Garage House

Peer Du aus dem Erdgeschoss, an internet friend of mine, asked me to create a full length 1 hour+ music video to go with his mixtape for the dTape Podcast 07, which delivers the oldschool vibe of the early 80’s House mousic scene around the globe.
A collection of classic dance videos where edited together in combination with free stock footage to make this video.

Peer Du on Soundcloud

This Set on Soundcloud

This Set on mixcloud

Peer’s Facebook Page

Dashcam + Mirrorfilter = Awesome

I recently found these videos on, driving around with the camera mounted on the dashboard, filming the Traffic. The nice thing about this is the added “mirror filter” effect, which makes the video look outstanding.
Here are the 2 videos i found on

video 1
video 2

Inspired by those, i created my own video:

Filmed that on the 01/13/2011 at around 6PM (18.00) around Mannheim, Germany, with my Canon Legria HF 200 + my new wideangle lens adapter WD-H37 II. I put my tripod in front of my passenger seat, mounted the Slider on it, and lay one end on the dashboard, this allowed me to move the camera all the way to the front window. Then i added around 4kg of weights to support the rig and reduce shakes from bad roads, I kept the camera in place with some clamps. worked out pretty well for DYI stuff.

– FrooP

Megatech Body ID: 501

Today, in the 4th set of the Tek-9 Movie Contest is the Warsow fragmovie you’ve all been waiting for. cho-media’s (FrooP & KILLME) Megatech Body ID 501. The movie is fighting 89 other movies of different games for a top 5 spot in the ranking, to win a brand spanking new Sapphire RADEON HD 5550.

The Tek-9/Sapphire Movie Contest is a contest where people from all over the world are invited to send in movies from any game.

cho-media’s Megatech Body ID 501 is the only Warsow movie in the bunch. cho-media showed it dedication for the cause, with FrooP and KILLME building greenscreens out of bedsheets and constructing shouldermounts for their camera :D. And it shows too, there’s plenty of sophisticated motion graphics and effects in the movie.

Release Page on TEK-9
Winner announcement page

MEGATECH BODY ID: 501 [finished 25.08.2010]
CREATED BY……….: cho-media [FrooP/KILLME]
CAST………………….: 36, adem, daxio, farm, h10, jewy, kiki, Klice, milkflow, mirrorman
AUDiO…………………: AAC, 192kbit/s
ViDEO…………………: .mp4 | x264
RESOLUTiON……….: 1280×720
FRAME RATE……….: 50fps
SiZE……………………: 337mb
RUNTiME……………..: 5:51 min
DISK SPACE…………: 353gb (9486 files; 368 folders)
PROGRAMS USED..: warsowSVN, Cinema4D, After Effects CS4, VirtualDub, Vegas9.0, MeGui

make sure you download the movie, it might be blurry in stream due to the high framerate

special thanks to: kiki, h1o, gently, falcky, Panic, cyriax, the warsow dev team


Megatech Industries have finished assembling their newest human controlled warfare mecha, codename “Megatech Body ID: 501” this video displays its capabilites in real life combat

we also got our price already, as you can see, its directly from sapphire in hong kong

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